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Karen Riley Hypnotherapy

Teaching, Mentoring, Supervision & HypMastery.

 I provide clinical supervision and mentoring services and HypMastery classes for students and practitioners of clinical hypnotherapy.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have strong views that the supervision and training being provided for many student and established therapists  throughout the world is presently highly inadequate. It is important that every student is fully aware of what is expected of them as a practitioner - what progress they are making - Why and how they use a particular hypnotic intervention,  to reflect regularly on their practice and how their supervisor is assessing them.

For far too long students have been subject to inexplicable marking, being in a position where they are unable to assess their progress and therefore ask for the kind of help they need. Let’s face it; too many schools are only interested in extracting as much money as they can from their students, leaving them at the end of their studies without the ability to practice clinical hypnotherapy at a very high standard, with little confidence as a therapist, or with a need to have a "script" for everything.

Since all I do for a living is therapy, teaching and working with human behaviour , I am totally dedicated to and passionate about my subject and to any students I teach or supervise.

Training and supervision can be on a one to one or group basis at my clinic on the phone, skype or google hangout, this can include extra training in a method (for example regressive methods, Hypnoanalysis methods, anxiety management, working with fertility). Or general supervision for new and established therapists, either on an ongoing basis or a case by case basis. Supervision can also be used for help and debriefing with a difficult or traumatic client case.

Bespoke (custom) teaching seminars and lectures are also available, for therapy organisations, therapy schools,  user groups, charities, universities, local groups and companies.

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