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Karen Riley Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Fertility (Hypnofertility)

Karen works with couples and individuals to increase the chances of conception either naturally or in combination with medical fertility treatments and other complementary therapies.


All Fertility treatment requires a great deal of commitment from a couple; some couples find it difficult to carry on working during a treatment cycle when they may be expected to attend clinics at unsociable hours (there are only specific times in their cycle that drug treatment can start or eggs can be collected). Many women also find the collection of eggs uncomfortable. Above all Fertility treatment is stressful and anxiety provoking both physically and mentally, couples have so much time, emotion and often money invested that stress levels can become extremely high, not to mention the affect upon relationships, the feelings of guilt and blame and the process of making babies becoming very clinical.

All these negative emotions can have a detrimental impact on the odds of conception. By

•Suppressing luteinizing hormone
• Increasing serum cortisol levels
• Inhibiting hypothalamic Gnrh function
• Preventing implantation of a fertilized egg
• Reducing egg quality
• Delaying release of eggs
• Elevating prolactin levels

And by triggering the fight, flight freeze response where blood is literally redirected towards the bodies’ organs needed for survival, meaning the blood is directed away from the uterus and testes hindering the procedure rather than helping it.

Hypnofertility can help reduce these levels of stress and anxiety, by removing emotional blocks, addressing feelings of guilt and blame and by teaching couples to work together to keep stress and anxiety to an absolute minimum before, during and after medical treatment.


Karen offer a specialist treatment programme that is tailored to each individual couple, which takes into account psychological factors, physiological factors, current and past fertility treatments, your conception history and the results from your medical investigations.
Using a wide range of hypnotherapeutic techniques, many psychological “blocks” that have a detrimental impact on the odds of conception can be removed, allowing nature to take its course or increasing the odds of a successful fertility treatment cycle.
Karen has successfully worked with couples from across the country with a variety of fertility issues including Unexplained infertility, PCOS, Low quality sperm and low sperm count, poor quality eggs, Maleusiophobia (fear of childbirth) and more.
Hypnofertility will also complement Assisted reproductive techniques such as and Donor egg transfer, Frozen embryo transfer, blastocyst transfer, IVF, IUI etc. 

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