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By being relaxed  and having little fear during your labour, your body responds in a natural and calm way. When you are relaxed, your breathing is even and rhythmical, ensuring a high level of oxygen is entering your body.  This oxygen is passed to your baby, ensuring that your baby remains calm, stable and comfortable. Increased oxygen stimulates the production of Oxytocin (hormone responsible for contraction) and endorphins ( your natural pain killers). Your blood pressure remains at a healthy level, and as your body is limp and relaxed you conserve your energy. This means that the muscle that is really working hard, your Uterus, has the all energy and resources it needs. As the Uterus has no resistance or tension from surrounding muscles, the contractions are more effective and more comfortable. As the labour progresses naturally other natural hormones are released including relaxin which allows the birth canal to relax, soften and stretch, so making the babies descent easier and more comfortable for both mother and child.

Using Hypnosis during childbirth has become common place over the last 15 years or so, it is an effective and safe way to labour and birth.


Karen used hypnosis for the birth of her own children (one in hospital and one at home), has trained with several different organisations in birth hypnosis methods and teaches midwives birth hypnosis methods.


Karens ethos in teaching couples hypnosis for birth, is that being informed, in control and with as little fear and pain as possible is key. 


Karen has taught birth hypnosis to over 500 couples over the past 10 years, and as a result has refined and modifed her birth hypnosis teachings, to accommodate the changes and latset research in this field. 


Classes and individual sessions are available at the heritage exchange in huddersfield.


Please contact Karen for more information and have your birth, your way


Read about HypnoBirthing with Karen as Published in the Halifax Courier.

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