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The gift of calm

A gift of calm voucher is a brilliant gift for a birthday, Christmas, retirement, baby shower or just because.


Vouchers can be bought for any amount and used towards sessions and courses with Karen.


Past clients have used vouchers towards, beating phobias, stopping smoking, learning self- hypnosis, a deep relaxation session and preparing for childbirth.


Please e-mail Karen in the 1st instance with the amount you would like to purchase expert.hypnosis@gmail.com


HypSomina is a unique method that uses hypnosis, autogenics,mindfulness, simple sleep exercises, binaural beats and education to help people overcome insomnia and regain control over sleep patterns. HypSomnia addresses both the Physical and pschological aspects to get a good nights sleep. Tested and refined for over 10 years in clinical practice, it is now available as an online programme, that can be downloaded instantly anywhere in the world. 


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