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What my patients and students say about my service.

Here`s what people are saying about Karen Riley Hypnotherapy


Jenny O'Kelly:

Karen runs some amazing Hypnotherapy courses and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skills within hypnotherapy. I have attended Fertility by Hypnosis and Birth by Hypnosis and have been very grateful for the training that I have been able to put into practise. Karen is an experienced trainer who really knows her subject and is able to pass on not only knowledge but also her enthusiasm and passion. I am now working from Harley Street using the techniques that Karen taught.


T Wood

I used Karen most recently to help my post graduate daughter calm her nerves and boost her confidence to help her complete the Legal Practice Certificate examination, which she was in danger of failing because her anxiety levels were so high.

Karen did a superb job, teaching her breathing techniques and providing her with a CD to listen to every evening as well as one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions. Needless to say my daughter passed her LPC exams and even used Karen's techniques to get her through her first job interview (and yes she did get the job :))

Can't thank Karen enough for her support - am sure that the end result for my daughter would not have been so happy if we hadn't turned to Karen for help.



Commercial Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals:

As a heavy smoker, who had tried pretty well everything as an aid to cessation, Karen was recommended to me as a top class hypnotherapist.

I had a course of three sessions, and I have to say, after that I've never looked back!

She has a relaxed, kind and completely professional manner. Historically, I've always viewed this kind of science with a deal of sceptisism, but she has most definitely changed my view.

I have returned after this for help with public speaking - again, she delivered. I thoroughly recommend this professional for all hypnosis needs.


Becky Oosting Burns – Karen has helped not only myself, but my mother in law as well. She has changed our lives for the better and would recommend her to anyone, absolutely amazing!!!!


Sally Hackney – Amazing experience, The most relaxing chair and snuggle blanket !! Karen has helped me so much more than she will know, I suffer from acute back pain which when pain killers don't work Karen has helped me to take time out for me and relax which in turn works !! I cannot wait till next week as I'm long overdue a visit x


Lisa Youell –Used many times, always successfully. Have a number of friends who use Karen too. So nice to know that she can be called upon in times of crisis smile emoticon


Jamie Carcas-Hatch –Karen helped me to be calm for my driving test as I kept failing due to nerves and social anxiety. She was lovely and friendly and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I passed my driving test after my hypnotherapy and felt calm and confident and even managed to chat comfortably with my examiner. I would definitely recommend her and use her again.


Georgina Furness – Amazing! Karen has helped me on and off for the past 3 years with my anxiety and I’d recommend her to anyone who has confidence or anxiety problems. I've now been off anti-depressants for a year! Thank you!


Jill Wilson – Non-judging and insightful, just what I needed during gruelling IVF treatment.


Jane M- Karen is quite simply one of the most amazing people I have ever met, a truly gifted person in so many ways. She shares her gift willingly, beyond the call of duty to so many people who need her help. Her insight and understanding of people is something I feel can’t be learnt, it’s just the way she is- she makes people feel safe, loved, see the good in them and find their inner strength. Nothing phases her, nothing overwhelms her, if there is a job to be done she finds a way.


 Darren Fermoyle- It’s been exactly a year since I went to see karen, I had my last cigarette 5 mins before I went in to see her and since I was hypnotised I can honestly say I’ve not wanted one ever since.

I was a massive sceptic to whether or not this would work for me. But after numerous attempts at quitting this has been the only thing that has worked for me

No cravings whatsoever. Whatever Karen did worked for me, I would recommend it to anybody


Angela- Eighteen years ago I was seriously ill with cancer which triggered my first anxiety attack at around 2am one morning. Since then I have woken at that time several times a week usually without going back to sleep but just came to accept it. Someone recently mentioned that Hypnotherapy may 'kill' the habit and just one visit to Karen has helped enormously and I now enjoy more sleep than I have had for a long time.


Emily D-I contacted Karen after a friend told me about her. I have had severe blushing for as long as I can remember. The red rash would spread across my chest, face, arms and back. It would happen in many situations and even when I was on my own, nothing worked and it was having a major negative influence on my life, what I could wear, things I could do, it was always on my mind, I even had surgery 3 years ago and that didn't help either. I had 3 sessions with Karen and I now can control it, I don't worry about it anymore. I am getting married later this year and I can have the dress I love, it’s an off the shoulder number, this would have been out of the question before.

Thank you Karen, I will send you a photo of my big day. x


Allison- Karen is an amazing person and recently helped me through my birth. After a difficult first birth, it took me a long time to feel I was able to contemplate it again. This time could not have been more different. Karen taught me how to be calm and relaxed and, most importantly, in total control. I loved every second of it (ok so maybe some bits were a little uncomfortable). If I was younger, richer and had a bigger house, I would definitely do it again! Thank you to a wonderful friend x


Julie-Karen is Fab!!!

I have seen Karen a few times over the course of 2010 and every time I am amazed at how fabulous I feel. I am overcoming a few issues, including confidence which is no longer a challenge. I have PCOS and Karen is also helping me with that. The trust I have is second to none, feel very blessed to have met Karen

Thank you



Stephen Floyd   Written by his wife- After 46 years (25 with me) of refusing to get on a plane despite booking and paying for several flights. Thanks to Karen we have just been on our first flight abroad. He saw Karen for three hypno-therapy sessions which he found relaxing and came away feeling calmer and less stressed. We would recommend Karen’s therapy sessions to anyone.

Thankyou Karen from a happier wife.


 Jill-Hi Karen, Well I wish I had come to see you sooner, I had my 6th driving test today and was totally calm- I passed too!


Dan- After a major car crash in 2001 I suffered from major anxiety, I went to see Karen after a friend told me about her. After a half hour chat she sent me back to my GP asking for my diagnosis to be checked and sure enough she was right, I have PTSD. Karen did the one thing others didn't, she listened, and once I had the correct diagnosis she helped me overcome the PTSD with EMDR and Hypnosis. Life has been very different for me this past year since that treatment and I am VERY grateful to Karen for all her help, she is very skilled and helped me when I thought no one could.


Helen - Hi Karen

My interview went well, I was very calm!!!!

I got the job

Many Thanks

Helen x


Chris- Hi Karen, I just wanted to say thanks, I have no idea how you do, what you do but you are very good at it. I am sleeping well, calm in crowds and back at work.

Many many thanks,



Angela- Hi Karen Wanted to say thank you for helping me to cope with a recent angioplasty carried out at Leeds General Infirmary. Used your calm CD downloaded onto my IPod which enabled be to induce self-hypnosis and remain calm throughout the procedure as no sedation was allowed. So impressed I’m training to become a hypnotherapist.

Thanks for your kindness and professionalism and for taking all the mystery out of hypnosis. Nothing wacky or strange, just a state of mind we are all in naturally each and every day at some point. The client in control at every step.

Regards and best wishes



Harri- I contacted Karen a year after I was a victim of a terrible attack, she has shown me how to face the world again as a stronger person. I can sleep again and I can go out with my friends and family without waiting for something bad to happen. I was in a dark and scared place, that place is now in my past and the future looks like it could be happy again. For that I will be always thankful to Karen as she has guided me and supported me through the worst time of my life. xx


Anon- Karen is the second hypnotherapist I have seen and I am so glad I gave hypnotherapy a second chance. The first hypnotherapist did nothing for me and if anything, made me feel much worse. I feel sad for people who are let down and put off by hypnotherapists who are not properly qualified or experience in their field. But I feel so lucky to have met Karen as she has completely changed my life.

I thought I had too many problems and issues for Karen to deal with but we went through them all one by one and she listened to me and was very patient with me every step of the way. I am no longer scared of flying, I no longer suffer chronic emetophobia and my general anxiety level has improved dramatically. She also helped me through a difficult time with my family, a bad period at work and a relationship break-up. Karen made me feel like I could solve any problem in that room with her - and that is a tremendously empowering feeling!

I would recommend her to anybody. Thank you so much.


Alice- I had 4 sessions with Karen in early 2009 for a long term anxiety problem, after my GP give me her name and number. I wish I had done this years ago! She was very supportive and really made me think in a different way. My GP is very happy too as he said he really didn't know what to do with me next. :-)


Simon J-I had OCD for 12 years, it was my life, I found it hard to work, hard to sleep, my wife left as she could cope no more. I had CBT, saw a psychologist took many pills, NOTHING WORKED.

I saw Karen after a friend told me about her, she for the 1st time explained how OCD's work, it made sense! I had 7 sessions to treat my anxiety and my OCD. Now I can work, sleep and have a new partner. I feel free and life is worth living!



Janet- After 12 years of anxiety, I can now face the world confidently with a smile on my face!


Karen P- After 7 years of infertility, 4 failed IVF attempts and a lot of stress, I gave Karen a call after the hospital gave me her number. I became pregnant while thinking about having a 5th cycle of IVF. Karen showed me how to trust my body 1st of all to get pregnant and 2nd to give birth. I think everyone having treatment should have hypnosis, it made so much difference to me.


Julie-Having suffered with IBS for 5 years and taken every potion under the sun, I was at my wits end and decided to give hypnotherapy a go as a last resort.

I had come to the point where I didn't want to go anywhere that wasn't within easy reach of a loo. In situations where I wasn't near a loo (whilst travelling or in meetings) my IBS would flare up because I was anxious about my IBS flaring up.

After 5 sessions with Karen, I can't believe the difference it as made. My IBS has almost gone, and on the very rare occasion it does flare up, Karen has given me the tools to cope with it.

Thank you Karen. I can definitely recommend hypnotherapy for IBS sufferers.



Gina Green- After having many treatments to try and cure my Bulimia I was at my wits end. I saw an article in Zest magazine that featured Karen and gave her a call. Karen explained that she treated Bulimia as an OCD and that was usually the result of anxiety. I had 8 sessions with Karen over 6 months. I haven't made myself sick since the 3rd session and fell in control with this and other areas of my life too. I really thought there was no hope for me, Karen gave me hope and so much more. Thank You.


Hari zaman-I made an appointment to see Karen after she helped a mate of mine go from a 30 a day smoker to a non-smoker. I was having anxiety issues, not sleeping and thinking I was going mad. I had 5 sessions and feel like a different person, hypnosis was not what I was expecting (but in a good way). Would tell everyone to have hypnosis it worked wonders for me and my mate.



Anon-After 12 sessions with another Hypnotherapist who promised to cure all my anxiety for ever I felt worse than ever. I really wondered what had happened to me and vowed never to mention the word hypnosis again! Luckily my best friend had seen Karen a couple of years ago and convinced me to give it a go. The 1st thing Karen did was listen to me (for over an hour), she also took my medical history and then spent time explaining what hypnosis and analysis were all about. I then asked Karen if she could cure me, she told me that, if she could offer cures she would be one rich lady. She also said that she thought my anxiety was treatable with hypnosis and the she could promise to do her best. Then she said something that amazed me, she told me that I must feel comfortable with her, that it was important and if I didn't she would put me in contact with another qualified hypnotherapist, She then sent me on my way, I called her the next day to make an appointment.. I had 8 sessions with Karen, each one was different and each one made a difference. She also taught me self hypnosis, which I use all the time. My anxiety is now normal, I now know that some anxiety is normal. I now feel like a fool for thinking that



Anna & James-We found Karen to be a fantastic teacher. It was my first pregnancy and I was really worried.


The course is well structured and informative. My labour came on so quick that we could not do some of the techniques, I couldn't stand anyone touching me (including James) and therefore all he could do was talk to me. This enabled me to go with the surges/contractions as oppose to "pushing" with them or clenching my muscles which would have meant pain and a longer labour (although that is the natural reaction).


Finley was born five and a half hours after the onset of labour and is a calm and relaxed baby. I was so relaxed after the birth that I wanted to go to the Harrogate show which was at the end of the week!! James understandably refused point blank LOL.

I would gladly talk to anyone about hypnobirthing and Karen as a facilitator- she's amazing and really cares about her clients.


Many thanks again Karen

Anna James and Finley


Matt- My wife was given Karen’s number by Calderdale royal hospital. We were having fertility treatment and it was taking its toll on both of us in many ways. Our last course of IVF worked (with some help from Karen), and I have a beautiful little girl who is now 2 years old. I called Karen earlier this year for someone to one treatment for a Phobia of Birds, this was getting worse and I wanted to take my daughter to feed the ducks. I had 2 sessions and I am throwing that bread with all the other Dad's at Shibden park, and wondering what on earth was so scary about bloody birds!


TGH-I was unfortunate enough to find myself on one of the tube trains in the London bombings but very lucky to have got away with only minor injuries. I returned home to the north and did my best to get on with life, except I couldnt. I had nightmares, flash backs, I felt anxious and worried all the time, I couldnt think and had this terrible guilty feeling of why did I live when many others didnt. My GP was excellent and supportive, I had a course of medication and CBT, but I just felt worse and the flash backs got worse and I suffered with panic attacks. I heard of Karen through a friend, I called her and made an appointment. Karen explained to me that it wasnt the flash backs themselves that were causing the problems but the emotion attached to them, we worked with EMDR (a very odd process) and worked with hypnosis too. I no longer feel guilty or anxious, I feel like I have a 2nd chance, I have made other changes in my life too. Thank you Karen for your help and support.


Paul M-After having panic attacks for 19 years, I decided to see if Hypnotherapy would help. I had 6 sessions with Karen in 2006, now 2 years on, I am still panic free. My life has improved more than I ever dared imagine it could.

Thank you

Paul M.



Sarah and Ben Wilmore-Smith, Baby James arrived safe and well at home on March 21st 2008. Hypnobirthing is a fantastic experience, I don't know why we are taught to fear birth when it can be such a positive experience. Thank you so much will bring James to see you soon!


Jayne and Keith- Our healthy baby boy was born quickly and easily at

Bradford Royal Infirmary on 21st April. He was our

second child to be born there and it was a completely

different experience from our first child. Our first

experience of birthing at BRI had left us feeling pretty

angry and disenchanted - we both felt like spectators to a

medical procedure that was being "done to us". We

felt so much more confident about birthing and our ability

to make it a normal, natural experience after the

hypnobirthing course. Understanding what was

happening during surges and knowing how to work with my

body to make them more effective really helped me to feel

like I was in control. Thanks Karen - you have helped

conquer some demons!


Fran and Richard- HypnoBirthing was one of the most beautiful experiences of

my life. The support Karen gave us before and after the

birth was fantastic. Richard felt part of the process and

the 2 midwives said it was just amazing to watch. When I

found out I was pregnant I was really scared about the

birth, that changed after the hypnobirthing class. I think

that it is so sad that women are taught to be scared of

birth, when really it can be one of the most fantastic

experiences of your life. Our daughter was born at home,

she is beautiful, calm, feeds well and sleeps well. I have

aslo noticed that using the methods Karen taught us my

general anxiety has also decreased. Thank you Karen for all

your help and support and showing me that childbirth is a

natural process and not something to be frightened of.


 Mel Swain- 12 months on I am still a non-smoker !

My 20 a day habit is in the past... Thank you, Thank you

Thank you !


Sally and David-Sam Arrived safely at Bradford Royal Infirmary. I managed

fine, just with the techniques we learned on Karen's class.

This was my second birth and I felt much more in control. I

felt it- but I really could manage and was comfortable

through out. Because I wasn't full of drugs I was able to

make decisions and do everything with a clear head.

HypnoBirthing was a great experience for all 3 of us, David

felt much more "part of it too". Thank you so much !



Mick- I was a smoker for 52 years! I then stopped

smoking over 2 years ago but could still not overcome the

severe craving for a cigarette. A visit to Karen has cured

this and I very rarely think about a cigarette now.



Sarah- I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years, All the

tests showed nothing was wrong it was "unexplained

infertility". I decided to see Karen before I had IVF, we

worked on several things and I have noticed a huge

difference in me on many levels. Karen taught me to

concentrate on what I wanted (to be a Mummy), rather than

on what I was worried might happen (that I would never get

pregnant). Up until meeting Karen I would have sworn I was

doing my best to become pregnant, Now I know I was really

terrified that I wouldn't. I was due to start IVF last

month- no need as I am 3 months pregnant ! Thank you.


JOANNE- My ten year old daughter Sophie had an extreme phobia to

daddy long legs and any flying insects. I say had as she has

greatly overcome this with Karen’s help. Summers were a

nightmare as Sophie found it hard to go about her daily

life. Day trips were a nightmare and summer barbecues out

of the question. Sophie also had difficulty sleeping due to

night terrors and therefore home life was a tad difficult

to say the least! Karen was fantastic on a professional and

personal level and succeeded where others had failed. This

last summer has been transformed and we cannot thank Karen

enough. She was always only a phone call away when any

setbacks arose and I would

recommend anyone seeking help to contact

her. Both Sophie, myself and my family are so grateful to

her for her help.


Heather White- Hi Karen

I did it ! I gave Birth to my identical twin boys

naturally. The labour was long 19 hours but I was

comfortable through out, the contractions became more

intense towards the end but nothing I couldn't handle-

certainly not painful. Both are well and so are myself and

Philip. Jack weighed 6Lb 2oz and Henry was 6lbs exactly.

Thank you so much. If you are pregnant and reading this you

should do this course and do it with Karen. She is just so

calming and the way she teaches is just fantastic.


Katy- I've struggled with my weight for years. A year ago Karen

worked her 'magic' and I've slowly and steadily lost 50lb.

No special diet, it's just that my brain now recognises

when my stomach's full and I stop eating. I can't tell you

how good it feels to be able to buy clothes from 'normal'

high street stores again. Friends are always commenting on

my weight loss. Thank you so much!



Paul- Fear of flying

For the 1st time in 15 years I was able to enjoy a

family holiday this year.


I had 4 sessions with Karen and felt ok about flying....

a very strange feeling. As we took off I had a huge grin on

my face, I felt fine. Thank you Karen for all your



PS. My wife sends her thanks too, she tells me it was

great to have a holiday without me wittering about the

flight home for two weeks.


Kate and Richard- Here are 3 words i never thought I would say I AM PREGNANT,

22 weeks pregnant at the time of leaving this message. I am

37 years old and I have wanted to be pregnant for 7 years,

I contacted Karen for our final and 5th attempt at IVF-

what a difference.... i was so calm and felt so much better

about the whole thing. I had 4 sessions- 3 beforehand and

one after transfer and used Karen's CD's all the way

through. The only thing different about this IVF cycle was

that I was using hypnosis.. if you are having IVF really

consider using it, I know it made the difference for us.



D- Well, what can I say?

Before I had my first hypnosis

session, I was completely sceptical about hypnotherapy. I

am now completely converted and I trust hypnotherapy


I went to see Karen about my trichotillomania

(hair pulling) and after 2 sessions, plus one 'booster'

session, the urge that I once had for 9 years just went


I also worked with Karen to boost my confidence

through hypnosis.

I would recommend Karen to anybody.



Caire and Andrew duffy- Lucie Eve was born on the 10th September at 1.32pm. The

Birth was wonderful exactly what we wanted. The 1st Midwife

we had was a bit of a mare the 2nd was wonderful. I

felt pressure the whole way through rather than pain- and

had a completely natural birth. I gave Birth standing up

whilst my husband supported me and he felt he was part of

the birth. I have told every pregnant woman i know about

your course. Thank you so much.


Anna Fielden - Hi Karen

I just wanted to let you know that it worked and the

baby turned into the right position after the session, so

no more breech !! I really liked they way this was not

invasive and was very relaxing. Thank you for the Tips you

gave me for the Birth, I don’t know why but I feel so much

better about the whole thing now. but i do. Thank you, I

was so worried that I might have needed a C-section. I will

let you know how I get on and I will keep using the CD you

gave me.


Thanks again and best wishes Anna.


Dan Greenway- I have had IBS for 12 years, I have had countless tests

and several medications nothing worked apart for immodium

which I swallowed like sweets. My GP suggested Hypnotherapy

and pointed me in Karen's direction. I didn't think it

would work but I looked it up on the internet and found

loads of information saying that hypnotherapy works well

for IBS so decided to give it a go. I had 6 sessions and I

haven't touched an immodium for 9 months (I used to take up

to 8 a day). I was really surprized at the science behind

hypnotherapy (no panpipes or joss sticks). I don’t

know why this wasn't available to me on the NHS, but at a

total cost of £300 to get my life back seems more than

reasonable to me.

I would recommend Karen to anyone, she is down to earth

and not at all what you would expect from a "therapist"


Catherine and Steven Hill- We have a beautiful baby girl - Sophie Grace.

Weighing in at 7lb 7. She arrived on Saturday night

after only 9 hours of labour (unfortunately I was induced,

but only with the prostin gel). I used the breathing

& visualisation (opening) technique the most and I'm

positive this helped, although I did find the last hour

(before the pushing) painful rather than uncomfortable (so

had a little gas & air....but not much!)


I then made hospital history by pushing

her out stood up on the bed (apparently no body has ever

done that!)

Overall - a good experience and I would

do it again tomorrow. Everything is going well (think

we are still on a high though!) and we're enjoying



Name:                  Sally and James Heath- Matthew was born on 17th June, weighing 9lb

4oz. I used hypnoBirthing from start to finish, my labour

was 7 hours and a calm experience where I felt in control.

Both my Husband and myself were very sceptical about

HypnoBirthing, now I would recommend it to any expectant

parents. Karen’s Class was fun and informative, she also

came to see me at home near my EDD- She really does take

Yorkshire by calm !


Jodie Knapton- I had a fear of flying which gradually got

worse each time i flew. I did manage to get on the

plane and fly but it ruined my holiday. The week before i

flew was a nightmare, i felt nervous all week and the last

week of my holiday was ruined thinking of flying home.

I wanted to get married this year and both myself and my

partner wanted to get married in New York which meant a 7

hour flight!! At the time of booking i was fine, however,

as the date got nearer the fear and panic came back, I contacted Karen about a month before i was due to go

to New York after she was recommended by a friend. I was a

bit dubious as i had never used a treatment like this

before but i did not want to take tablets in

case it made me ill for my wedding day.

After 3 treatments i was ready for off. Even after the

treatment i still thought there was no way that anyone

would be able to take away the horrible feeling of dread i

felt when i was on the plane and the doors closed, however,

once i was on the plane and sat in my seat i felt strangely

calm. The plane took off and and i was on my way with no

panic, dread or fear. The flight was fine. The only problem

was now that i wasn't sc


Mum to be (post 2)-Our beautiful baby boy was calmly breathed into the world at

4am on the 12th of May. The midwifes were amazed

at how my husband and I worked together and how calm and

relaxed I was. Every couple should know about

Hypnobirthing, it was one of the most fantastic

experiences- I really could only feel pressure, no pain and

no fear and my husband was able to help me through out.

The midwife said she had never seen anything like it before with no pain relief, I

pointed out to her that I was using pain/fear relief

… I was Hypnobirthing.  I would recommend

Karen’s Hypnobirthing class to any expectant parents, she

is a lovely person and really knows her



Mum-to-be- After 4 failed IVF cycles, my husband and I were starting to lose hope, then I came across Karen's website, it really made me think. The IVF treatment had really taken its toll and I was feeling low and very anxious about the next and final cycle, we decided that even though we were a fair distance away, we would use Karen's programme tohelp us with the next cycle. I could not believe the difference, I felt so much calmer and more involved with the process, I was even able to use hypnosis during the collection and also the transfer and felt so much better prepared for it. When the pregnancy test result came back positive, it was a dream come true for us, our baby is due in May.

Thank you Karen for your help and support, we feel that your help made the all difference.


Sue F- I contacted Karen, when I needed dental treatment, and

was just so scared about going. When I

made the initial call to Karen, she put me at ease, with

her friendly, easy going manner. When I first met her, I

felt really relaxed in her company, she made the whole

experience so easy! After 2 sessions, there was much

improvement in how I dealt with going to the dentist. I

went back a different person, I was completely calm. A

year on, I returned to the once dreaded dentist, for a

filling-no problems at all. Karen taught me

Self Hypnosis,which is useful for all kinds of things, and

I do use it all the time. I stopped biting my nails, almost

over night-that was a lovely suprise!

Karen is just a lovely person with an incredible gift,

which she passes on to improve other peoples lives. She

loves her job, you can tell!

Thank you Karen for all your help and support, when I

needed it.



WendyD- When I was in

my early thirties I told my future husband that I was too

old to change.

Karen has been able to show me how to use hypnosis

to reprogramme myself to avoid negative / harmful

reactions to any given situation and to replace these

with actively positive reactions. I now say no-one is

too old to change the way they react to anything. My life

is now mine thanks to Karen and I would recommend anyone

reading this who may be worried about taking that first

step - don't be, Karen is a true professional in her


Thank you



David Wade- I have tried to stop smoking several times for many years

without much success. It is now over 4 months since I last

smoked and I can say that I haven't missed it one little

bit. I have no idea how or why it has worked and to be

frank I am not one who normally believes in this type of

therapy. However - facts are facts and there is no denying

the fact that I actually feel like a non-smoker now rather

than an ex-smoker. Thanks Karen.


Anon- I have had a severe dental phobia for a number of years now

and to be quite frank I was a complete mess when I had my

first session with karen due to a very much needed dental

appointment coming up that I needed to keep. Karen was very

good and calmed me down but the amazing thing is after just

two sessions I was not only able to keep the

appointment but actually felt calm before, during and

after it! It was an awkward wisdom tooth that needed

removing and I even went ahead without the sedation that

had been offered. I feel this is a mini miracle and would

not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who feels they

need help with anything.

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