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HypMastery Courses are designed for qualifed Hypnotists and hypnotherapists to widen their knowledge, expertise and ultimately build their practices. All of the HypMastery courses have been created from the practical experience of over 19,000 hours in clinical practice.  Kaz has taught therapists from across the globe and at several UK universities on the subject of hypnosis and its use as a viable treatment option for many symptoms.


Testimonials and feedback from past Workshops and seminars:


"The Highlight of our conference was Karen Riley and her seminar on fertilty hypnosis, her knowledge and passion for her subject shone through, if you ever get the chance to see her speak, Do! "(UK guild of hypnotic examiners)


" Karen teaches from the perspective of a working hypnotist, her courses are informative and well put together, you leave knowing exactly how are where you would use these techniques"


"This womans knowledge is amazing, and so is her teaching"


"Karen runs some amazing Hypnotherapy courses and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skills within hypnotherapy. I have attended Fertility by Hypnosis and Birth by Hypnosis and have been very grateful for the training that I have been able to put into practise. Karen is an experienced trainer who really knows her subject and is able to pass on not only knowledge but also her enthusiasm and passion. I am now working from Harley Street using the techniques that Karen taught."Jenny O'Kelly:


"Kaz has an in depth understanding of her subject, her insight is second to none. Her passion for hypnosis leaves you just needing to get out there and do this stuff" 


"The hypnotists hypnotist, Kaz's teaching and guidance has made me a better hypnotist " 


"I attended a fantastic workshop with Karen in applying hypnosis for fertility. It was an area that complimented my techniques for hypnosis for childbirth. Karen made all of us feel very welcome. It was a small and intimate group which allowed for plenty of interaction. Karen had a marvellous way of teaching the material and was always open to questions. Her deep understanding of the subject matter was clearly evident,  as was her passion. Fantastic course,  brilliant teacher and reassuring backup support. Thanks Karen." Umesh Damania


"Karen is an amazing hypnotherapist not only that she is a fantastic mentor, she is confident in everything she does and achieves the best results every time, she has given me the support with my own clients and led me in the right direction for the best possible results for my clients. Karens teaching method is very concise I love it. Not only is karen my mentor she is my hero and knowing that she is there to support me and my business makes me feel very confident with my own clients.
My goal is to be has successful as karen and I know that karen will help me achieve it in the best possible way."




Sexual freedom hypnosis - Diploma in Sexual Dysfunctions 

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