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Cancellations Policy, Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.

Cancellation policy

If, for some reason you need to cancel or postpone the appointment, please give  at least 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee to cover the cost of the session, this will be the full session fee. 


As you can understand it is nearly impossible for a therapist to book a new client at very short notice, and if several  clients cancel in one day then the therapist loses a large amount of their income. Imagine a salaried employee arriving at work and being told they will only be receiving half their salary that day! If you consider the situation in these terms, and also realise that a therapist must pay substantial clinic room rental fees, then you can understand why we must charge a cancellation fee for missed appointments.


Karen Riley Hypnotherapy reserves the right to break confidentiality , in only that the service was used, in the event of non-payment by the client. This is to allow the recovery of fee’s via a 3rd party agency or a court of law. 



As part of providing a psychological service to you, your therapist will need to collect and record personal information that is relevant to your current situation. Collection of personal information is a necessary part of  assessment and therapy. 


The Purpose of Collecting and Retaining Information

Information is gathered as part of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a client'sCondition or issue,  it  is seen only by the therapist. The information is retained in order to document what happens during sessions, and enables the therapist to provide a relevant and informed psychological service to you.



With the exception of certain specific exceptions described below, you have the absolute right to confidentiality of your information. You are assured that all personal information gathered by the therapist during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure.


However, it is important to know there are exceptions in which all therapists are mandated

(by law) to break confidentiality. This can occur when:


1. The information you have given to your therapist is subpoenaed (officially

requested) by a court of law.


2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious risk of



3. Your prior approval has been obtained to

a) provide a written report to another professional or agency, eg. a GP or a

lawyer; or

b) discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent or employer.


Karen Riley Hypnotherapy reserves the right to break confidentiality ,in only that the service was used, in the event of non-payment by the client. This is to allow the recovery of fee’s via a 3rd party agency or a court of law. The nature of your issue or treatment will not be disclosed in this instance.


Exchange of Client Information

There may be times where, as part of the assessment and therapy process, it may be helpful for your therapist to liaise with other people or agencies that are relevant to your therapy goals (eg., your GP, specialist, parent etc.). This would only be done with your written consent.



Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

At  Karen Riley Hypnotherapy, sexual freedom hypnosis amd hypmastery we are totally committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

We collect information about you in order to process your appointments and to tailor your visit to our website to be as relevant to you as possible. That information will not be shared with other third parties. We do not send random marketing emails to personal email addresses (spam), unless you have opted in to receive these.

The information we hold may include:
Your name
Phone number
Email address
Credit/debit card details
Other information necessary for processing your order

This data will be held in accordance with our internal security policy. If we propose to send your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) we will seek your consent first.

We will never collect sensitive information about you without your agreement. You have a right to ask for a copy of the information, which we are holding on you. We will delete information or correct any inaccuracies at no charge as soon as you make the request.

Data will only be released to third parties (e.g. the police) on request where there is a legal requirement for us to do so.

If you would like to delete/amend your personal data or opt out of any email marketing you now feel is not relevant please email our DPO officer at expert.hypnosis@gmail.com

or please write to us:

Data Protection Officer
Karen Riley hypnotherapy
Wellington Mills
Plover Road



Cookies are how websites gather information about consumer’s internet activity. It is all statistical and non personal data. It allows Google to give us Analytics of consumer behaviour which when used correctly helps a good business enhance the whole customer experience.
Most commercial websites will use cookies in one form or another, even the bodies that govern Data Protection use them.

You can adjust the settings on your computer to decline any cookies if you wish. This can easily be done by activating the reject cookies setting on your computer.

You can also clear unwanted cookies from your browser at anytime again using the privacy settings on your browser.

Google Site Stats
Please note that some pages on our website may be tracked by Google site stats.

Remarketing / Audiences
Remarketing or audiences are created, so we can continue building our relationship with you using advertisements on third party websites, after you have left our website.

Third party websites such as Google, will use a Cookie to show our adverts when you visit these sites across the Internet.

Google and third party websites, use cookies to serve ads based on your passed visit to our website.

If you wish to Opt out, you can do so by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.

Or visit this page – Advertising Initiative opt-out page

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