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Karen Riley Hypnotherapy

Confidential Clinical Hypnotherapy without judgement in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK. Skype sessions available worldwide.

Karen Riley BSc PDHyp PHyp BSCH NLPPA

Welcome to my website. If you're looking to make a change in your life or enhance and maintain your psychological and emotional well-being and overall health, you've found the right place.  I'm Karen Riley and I am an experienced specialist in Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and EMDR. My full time practice has been based in Huddersfield for over 15 years, where I work with clients and teach hypnosis across the globe. I work with both adults and children using clinical hypnosis, EMDR and other interventions, to help them overcome a wide range of issues and challenges. I work from an ethos that labels are unhelpful, challenges come in many forms and there is always a way forward. My job is to help people overcome their personal challenges, to provide the tools to help them to do that and support as the changes are made. I practice what I preach and use hypnosis extensively in my own life and with my children, both my children were born with me using hypnosis as my only form of pain relief. 


My academic background is in human biology and I have extensive post graduate training and experience in Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis, Suggestion therapy and EMDR.

Proud to be a full member of the prestigious British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a fellow of the NLPPA, the UK Director of the HypnoFertility Foundation, a former tutor for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, registered therapist with the national coalition of sexual freedom and a member of the Complementary Therapy Research Network. I am also an accredited trainer of hypnosis and have the privilege of teaching my subject worldwide to GP’s, medical students, medical consultants, midwives and nurses and at several UK universites.  I also provide clinical supervision and master classes to Hypnotherapists and therapists in 17 different countries.

I successfully work with people from all over the world either at my office in Huddersfield or via skype, with a wide range of issues, my specialties include anxiety based issues, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual problems, fertility and childbirth and working with children. I am regularly called on as the hypnotherapy expert in national women’s and health magazines, on radio and TV, have made contributions to published books on hypnosis and hypnofertility. I am the founder and creator of sexual freedom hypnosis, which is now taught and used worldwide.  I have also created the internationally selling fertility and conception hypnosis programme and Hypsomnia, an online programme for insomnia.


I offer a wide range of hypnotherapeutic interventions to my clients that tackle both the root cause of symptoms and the symptoms themselves.  I know that therapy must be tailored to each individual, and I take a great amount of care to understand each client and their individual needs. Therapy is always without judgement and is completely confidential.  I offer all new clients a free 10 minute phone consultation where I can fully assess that treatment with hypnosis is suitable for you and can create an individual therapy programme for you. This consultation process also allows you time to assess and confirm that I am the correct therapist for you before any therapy begins (absolutely essential to the therapeutic process). You can book that phone consultation from the bookings page at a time to suit you.


Please get in touch with any questions you may have or to book an appointment, I really will have dealt with your issue before, so don't be shy.


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